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Data Item Description (DID) Library

The Data Item Description (DID) Library lists FAA/FAA-tailored DIDs and Department of Defense (DoD) DIDs, categorized into specific functional disciplines. (Note: DOD DIDs begin with DI-)
FAA/FAA-tailored DIDs may be modifications of canceled or previous DoD revisions, or may be developed for specific FAA acquisitions.
DIDs are formatted in accordance with MIL-STD-963 (Data Item Descriptions). MIL-STD-963.pdf provides DoD guidance for DID preparation and format. When using DoD DIDs, remove the DoD-specific verbiage, identify the FAA Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR), and advise vendors of the changes.
DIDs can be downloaded as MS Word (editable), or Adobe Acrobat PDF (not editable) files.
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Administrative Program Data
DI-ADMN-80447A Contract Summary Report 11-08-2006
DI-ADMN-80925 Revisions to Existing Government Documents 01-05-1990
DI-ADMN-81249A Conference Agenda 10-01-1993
DI-ADMN-81250A Conference Minutes 10-01-1993
DI-ADMN-81308A Conference Report 11-21-2006
DI-ADMN-81373 Presentation Material 12-01-1993
DI-ADMN-81505 Report, Record of Meeting/Minutes 11-20-1995
DI-MGMT-81597 Personnel Resumes 02-02-2001
DI-MGMT-81605 Briefing Material 02-15-2001
DI-MGMT-81834A Contractor's Personnel Roster 01-18-2013
FAA-CDLS-S005 Advance Meeting Agenda n/a
FAA-CDLS-S006 Meeting Minutes n/a
FAA-MGMT-008 Conference Minutes n/a
FAA-MGMT-008-form Conerence Minutes CDRL form n/a
FAA-PM-005 Meeting Agenda n/a
FAA-PM-006 Meeting Minutes n/a
FAA-PM-011 Conference Action Items n/a
FAA-PM-015 Presentation Materials n/a
Configuration Management (CM)
DI-CMAN-80792A Validation Report 06-21-1991
DI-CMAN-81018 Tracking Report for Equipment Modification 09-27-1989
DI-CMAN-81022D Configuration Audit Summary Report 04-07-2015
DI-CMAN-81218 Product Baseline Index (PBLI 06-21-1991
DI-SESS-80463D Engineering Release Record (ERR) n/a
DI-SESS-80639D Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) 04-07-2015
DI-SESS-80640D Request for Variance (RFV) 04-07-2015
DI-SESS-80642D Notice of Revision (NOR) 04-07-2015
DI-SESS-80643D Specification Change Notice (SCN) 04-07-2015
DI-SESS-80858C Contractor's Configuration Management Plan 04-07-2015
DI-SESS-81121A Baseline Description Document 06-28-2013
DI-SESS-81245B Installation Completion Notification (ICN) 04-07-2015
DI-SESS-81248B Interface Control Document (ICD) 04-07-2015
DI-SESS-81253B Configuration Status Accounting Information 04-07-2015
DI-SESS-81254B Request for Nomenclature (DD Form 61) 08-27-2012
DI-SESS-81646D Configuration Audit Plan 02-24-2015
DI-SESS-81875 Configuration Management Plan (MIL-STD-3046) 02-28-2013
DI-SESS-81879 Configuration Item Documentation Recommendation (MIL-STD-3046) 02-28-2013
DI-SESS-81880 Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) (MIL-STD-3046) 02-28-2013
DI-SESS-81881 Notice of Revision (NOR) (MIL-STD-3046) 02-28-2013
DI-SESS-81882 Engineering Release Record (ERR) (MIL-STD-3046) 02-28-2013
DI-SESS-81883 Request for Variance (RFV) (MIL-STD-3046) 02-28-2013
DI-SESS-81884 Configuration Status Accounting Information (MIL-STD-3046) 02-28-2013
DI-SESS-81887 Configuration Audit Summary Report & Certification (MIL-STD-3046) 02-28-2013
DI-SESS-81903 As-Built Configuration (ABC) Bill of Material (BOM) List 03-13-2013
FAA-SE-016 Configuration Management Plan List n/a
FAA-SE-018 Configuration Management Plan List n/a
Electromagnetic Compatibility
DI-EMCS-80199C Electromagnetic Interface Control Procedures (EMICP) 11-30-2007
DI-EMCS-80200C Electromagnetic Interference Test Report (EMITR) 11-30-2007
DI-EMCS-80201C Electromagnetic Interference Test Procedures (EMITP) 11-30-2007
Engineering Drawing Practices
DI-DRPR-80558 Engineering Drawing Tree 04-07-1988
DI-DRPR-81678 Engineering Documentation Product Drawings, Sanitized 08-14-2006
DI-DRPR-81679 Engineering Documentation Product Drawings, Modified & Sanitized 08-14-2006
DI-DRPR-81680 Engineering Documentation Product Drawings 08-14-2006
DI-DRPR-81681 Engineering Documentation Product Drawings, Modified 08-14-2006
DI-DRPR-81718 Preservation, Packaging, and Packing (PP&P) Drawing(s) 11-29-2006
DI-EGDS-80918 Technical Data Package Index 12-12-1989
DI-SESS-81000E Product Drawings/Models and Associated Lists 02-26-2013
DI-SESS-81001E Conceptual Design Drawings/Models 02-26-2013
DI-SESS-81002F Developmental Design Drawings/Models and Associated Lists 02-26-2013
DI-SESS-81003E Commercial Drawings/Models and Associated Lists 02-26-2013
DI-SESS-81004E Special Inspection Equipment (SIE) Drawings/Models & Ass'd Lists 02-26-2013
DI-SESS-81008E Special Tooling (ST) Drawings/Models and Associated Lists 02-26-2013
DI-SESS-81010E Source Control Drawing Approval Request 02-26-2013
DI-SESS-81011D Drawing Number Assignment Report 11-05-2009
DI-SESS-81012E Proposed Critical Manufacturing Process Description (PCMPD) 02-26-2013
Environmental, Occupational Safety & Health, & Energy
DI-MISC-80228 Pest Control Summary Report 09-08-1986
FAA-EOSH-001 Construction and Demolition Debris Diversion Report n/a
FAA-EOSH-001 (Form) Construction and Demolition Debris Diversion Report Form n/a
FAA-EOSH-002 Solid Waste and Recycling Report n/a
FAA-EOSH-002 (Form) Solid Waste and Recycling Report Form n/a
Facilities/Sites and Implementation
DI-CMAN-80400 Engineering Change Proposal (Facilities) 08-04-1987
DI-FACR-80976 Facilities Plan 05-04-1990
DI-MGMT-80033A Site Preparation Requirements and Installation Plan 10-30-2006
DI-MGMT-81118 Telecommunication System Installation Plan 12-19-1990
DI-MISC-80919 Implementation Plan 12-12-1989
DI-QCIC-80154A Installation and Acceptance Test Plan (IATP) 01-25-1994
DI-QCIC-80510 Installation Specification 01-21-1988
DI-QCIC-80511 Installation Test Procedures 01-21-1988
DI-QCIC-80512 Installation Test Report 01-21-1988
FAA-SI-001 Implementation Task Plan n/a
FAA-SI-002 Site Installation Drawings n/a
FAA-SI-003 Facility Inspection Checklist n/a
FAA-SI-004 Site Preparation Requirements and Installation n/a
FAA-SI-005 Daily Logbook n/a
FAA-SI-006 Installation Completion Notification (ICN) n/a
FAA-SI-007 Site Installation and Integration Plan n/a
Financial Data
DI-FNCL-80003A Man Hours Expenditure Chart 10-30-2006
DI-FNCL-80165A Cost Breakdown Structure Summary Report 10-30-1986
DI-FNCL-80166C Program Cost and Technical Data Reports 06-21-2010
DI-FNCL-80331A Funds and Man-Hours Expenditure Report 10-30-2006
DI-FNCL-80912 Performance and Cost Report 10-06-1989
DI-FNCL-81565B (Form) (DD Form 1921) 04-20-2007
DI-FNCL-81565C Cost Data Summary Report (DD Form 1921) 05-18-2011
DI-FNCL-81566B (Form) (DD Form 1921-1) 04-20-2007
DI-FNCL-81566C Functional Cost-Hour Report (DD Form 1921-1) 05-18-2011
DI-FNCL-81567B (Form) (DD Form 1921-2) 04-20-2007
DI-FNCL-81567C Progress Curve Report (DD Form 1921-2) 05-18-2011
DI-FNCL-81765A Contractor Business Data Report (DD Form 1921-3) 05-18-2011
DI-FNCL-81765A (Form) (DD Form 1921-3) 04-02-2009
DI-MGMT-81334D Contract Work Breakdown Structure 05-18-2011
DI-MGMT-81466A Cost Performance Report (CPR) 03-30-2005
DI-MGMT-81466A (Forms) (DD Forms 2734-1 through 5) 03-30-2005
DI-MGMT-81468 Contract Funds Status Report (CFSR) 10-19-1995
FAA-SE-025 Life Cycle Cost Model Report n/a
Human Factors (HF)
FAA-HF-001A Human Factors Program Plan 06-01-2009
FAA-HF-002A Human Engineering Design Approach Document-Operator 06-01-2009
FAA-HF-003A Human Engineering Design Approach Document-Maintainer 06-01-2009
FAA-HF-004A Critical Task Analysis Report 06-01-2009
FAA-HF-005A Human Factors Simulation Concept 06-01-2009
Information Processing Standards for Computers
DI-IPSC-80409A Integrated Circuit Graphics Database 11-21-2006
DI-IPSC-80590B Computer Program End Item Documentation 11-14-2006
DI-IPSC-80942 Computer Software System Document 08-27-1990
DI-IPSC-81427A Software Development Plan (SDP) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81428A Software Installation Plan (SIP) 01-10-2000
DI-IPSC-81429A Software Transition Plan (STrP) 01-10-2000
DI-IPSC-81430A Operational Concept Description (OCD) 01-10-2000
DI-IPSC-81431A System/Subsystem Specification (SSS) 01-10-2000
DI-IPSC-81432A System/Subsystem Design Description (SSDD) 08-10-1999
DI-IPSC-81433A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81434A Interface Requirements Specification (IRS) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81435A Software Design Description (SDD) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81436A Interface Design Description (IDD) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81437A Database Design Description (DBDD) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81438A Software Test Plan (STP) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81439A Software Test Description (STD) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81440A Software Test Report (STR) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81441A Software Product Specification (SPS) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81442A Software Version Description 01-11-2000
DI-IPSC-81488 Computer Software Product 07-31-1995
DI-IPSC-81756 Software Documentation 05-28-2008
DI-MCCR-80491A Computer Software Flowchart 11-14-2006
Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
DI-ALSS-81529 Logistic Management Information 11-18-1996
DI-ALSS-81530 Logistics Management Information (LMI) Summaries 11-18-1996
DI-ALSS-81544 Provisioning Data Cover Page 04-22-1997
DI-ALSS-81557 Supplemental Data for Provisioning (SDFP) 07-10-1997
DI-ATTS-80005 Hardware Diagnostic Test System Development Plan 06-10-1985
DI-FNCL-80164 Price Estimate Methodology Report for Unit of Measure (UM) Price 04-30-1986
DI-ILSS-80095 Integrated Logistics Support Plan 12-17-1985
DI-ILSS-80134A Proposed Spare Parts List 11-06-1990
DI-ILSS-80395 Integrated Support Plan (ISP) 08-03-1987
DI-ILSS-80531 Logistic Support Analysis Plan 02-09-1988
DI-ILSS-80739 Depot Maintenance Study 01-17-1989
DI-ILSS-80867 Special Equipment Consumable/Durable Support 06-29-1989
DI-ILSS-80868 Special Tools and Test Equipment 06-29-1989
DI-ILSS-80871 Special Equipment Common and Bulk Items 06-29-1989
DI-ILSS-80965(FAA) CDLS Maintenance and Cost Report n/a
DI-ILSS-80965-form CDLS Maintenance and Cost Reporting CDRL form n/a
DI-ILSS-80968 Spares Cataloging Data Sheets 04-08-1990
DI-ILSS-81021 System/Design Trade Study Report 07-02-1990
DI-MGMT-80894A Source/ Vendor List/ Foreign List 04-14-1994
DI-MGMT-81763 Customized Microelectronics Devices Source Protection Plan 02-09-2009
DI-MGMT-81899 Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Imp Plan 03-13-2013
DI-MGMT-81900 Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) 03-13-2013
DI-MISC-80071E Parts Approval Requests 08-05-1998
DI-MISC-80072D Program Parts Selection List (PPSL) 08-05-1998
DI-PACK-80120C Perservation and Packing Data 07-25-2011
DI-PACK-80121C Special Packing Instructions (SPI) 07-25-2011
DI-PACK-81059A Performance Oriented Packaging Test Report 03-25-2011
DI-PACK-81582A Packaging Development Data Report 10-06-2011
DI-SDMP-81748 Parts Management Plan 10-15-2007
DI-SESS-80294B Maintenance Test and Support Equipment List 10-30-2006
DI-SESS-81359B Parts List 10-30-2006
DI-SESS-81639 Warranty Performance Report 01-10-2003
DI-SESS-81656 Source Data for Diminishing Manuf Sources & Mat Shortages (DMSMS) 05-09-2005
DI-SESS-81712 Provisioning Parts List Index (PPLI) 11-21-2006
DI-SESS-81713 Provisioning Performance Schedule (PPS) 11-29-2006
DI-SESS-81714 Provisioning Screening Data 11-29-2006
DI-SESS-81715 Provisioning Parts List (PPLs) 11-29-2006
DI-SESS-81716 Supplementary Provisioning Technical Documentation (SPTD) 11-29-2006
DI-SESS-81721 Part Configuration Analysis Report 11-29-2006
DI-SESS-81758A Logistics Product Data 05-22-2013
DI-SESS-81759 Logistics Product Data Summaries 07-16-2008
DI-SESS-81874 Engineering Data for Provisioning (EDFP) 12-07-2012
FAA DI-ATO-W-2003-005 Asset Identification Report (Barcode) 02-24-2011
FAA-CDLS-S001 Supply Support Catalog Instruction (SSCI) n/a
FAA-CDLS-S002 Consolidated Monthly CDLS Status Summary Report n/a
FAA-CDLS-S003 Physical Inventory Report n/a
FAA-CDLS-S004 Depot Tools, Test Equipment, and Materials List n/a
FAA-ILS-003 Contractor Support Transition Plan n/a
FAA-ILS-008 Integrated Support Plan n/a
FAA-ILS-009 Logistics Support Direct Work Maintenance Staffing Requirements n/a
FAA-ILS-012 Support Equipment Recommendation Data (SERD) n/a
FAA-ILS-014 Discrepancy Report n/a
FAA-ILS-015 Contract Training Plan n/a
FAA-ILS-016 Service Report n/a
FAA-ILS-017 Equipment Assessment Status Report n/a
FAA-ILS-018 Government Furnished Equipment Cumulative Repair Status Report n/a
(ILS/SE) Reliability - Maintainability - Availability
DI-ILSS-80111A Reliability-Centered Maintenance Analysis Data 09-06-1990
DI-ILSS-80386 Repairable Item Inspection Report 07-27-1987
DI-ILSS-80654 Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) Program Plan 07-29-1988
DI-ILSS-80655 Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) Report 07-22-2014
DI-MGMT-81232 System Problem Report (SPR) 08-13-1991
DI-MISC-81617 Equipment Operational Log 08-01-2001
DI-MISC-81618 Service Bulletins 08-01-2001
DI-MNTY-80133 Customer Service Report 04-07-1986
DI-MNTY-81188 Verification Demonstration and Evaluation Plan 04-25-1991
DI-MNTY-81600 Maintainability Program Plan 02-08-2001
DI-MNTY-81602 Maintainability Predictions Report 02-08-2001
DI-MNTY-81603 Maintainability/Testability Demonstration Test Report 02-08-2001
DI-MNTY-81604 Maintainability/Testability Demonstration Test Plan 02-08-2001
DI-NDTI-81585A Reliability Test Plan 11-21-2006
DI-NDTI-81587A Vibration Survey Report 11-21-2006
DI-PSSS-81872A Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) Report 03-13-2013
DI-PSSS-81873A Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) Input Data 07-22-2014
DI-QCIC-80131 Failure and Analysis Tracking Report 04-07-1986
DI-RELI-80247 Thermal Survey Report 10-17-1986
DI-RELI-80248 Vibration Survey Report 10-17-1986
DI-RELI-80249 Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Report 10-17-1986
DI-RELI-80254 Corrective Action Plan 10-17-1986
DI-RELI-80255 Failure Summary and Analysis Report 10-17-1986
DI-RELI-80687 Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis Report 09-30-1988
DI-SESS-80374A Failure Analysis Summary List 11-21-2006
DI-SESS-81315B Failure Analysis and Corrective Action Report 03-28-2012
DI-SESS-81495A Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis Report 12-19-2014
DI-SESS-81496A Reliability Block Diagrams & Mathematical Model Report 12-19-2014
DI-SESS-81497A Reliability Prediction & Docmnt of Supporting Data 12-19-2014
DI-SESS-81613A Reliability & Maintainability (R&M) Program Plan 07-15-2014
DI-SESS-81901 Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) Report 07-29-1988
DI-SESS-81902 Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) Data Tables 03-13-2013
DI-TMSS-81586A Reliability Test Reports 11-21-2006
FAA-SE-005 Reliability Prediction Report (RPR) n/a
FAA-SE-006 Total Logistic Reliability Prediction Report (TLRPR) n/a
FAA-SE-029 RMA Corrective Action Plan n/a
Program Management
DI-MGMT-80004A Management Plan 10-30-2006
DI-MGMT-80061A Engineering and Technical Services Accomplishments Report 03-28-1991
DI-MGMT-80227 Contractor's Progress, Status and Management Report 09-05-1986
DI-MGMT-80269 Status of Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) Report 12-29-1986
DI-MGMT-80368A Status Report 10-30-2006
DI-MGMT-80389B Receipt of Government Material Report 05-15-1998
DI-MGMT-80408B Request for Government Furnished Material 05-15-1998
DI-MGMT-80438B Government Furnished Material Consumption Report 05-15-1998
DI-MGMT-80440 Notification of Shipment of Repaired Government Material 09-17-2007
DI-MGMT-80441 Government Property Physical Inventory Count or Custodial Bal Rpt 09-17-1987
DI-MGMT-80442 Rpt of Receipts, Inventory, Adjustments, & Shipments of Gvt Propt 09-17-1987
DI-MGMT-80501 Contractor's Corrective Action Plan 12-30-1987
DI-MGMT-80507C Project Planning Chart 04-14-2009
DI-MGMT-80555A Program Progress Report 11-14-2006
DI-MGMT-80909 Program Plan 10-06-1989
DI-MGMT-81117 Technical and Management Work Plan 12-19-1990
DI-MGMT-81255 Production Status Report 03-02-1992
DI-MGMT-81650 Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) 03-30-2005
DI-MGMT-81739B S/W Resources Data Rprting: Initial Develpr Rpt & Data Dictionary 05-25-2011
DI-MGMT-81740A S/W Resources Data Rprting: Final Developer Rpt & Data Dictionary 05-18-2011
DI-MGMT-81797 Program Management Plan 12-08-2009
DI-MGMT-81808 Contractor's Risk Management Plan 04-21-2010
DI-MGMT-81809 Risk Management Status Report 04-10-2010
DI-MGMT-81861 Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) 06-20-2012
DI-MISC-80167A Contract Data Status and Schedule Report 08-18-1987
DI-MISC-80168 Data Management Plan 05-15-1986
DI-MISC-80856 Design to Cost Plan 06-19-1989
DI-MISC-80857 Design to Cost Status Report 06-19-1989
FAA-PM-001 Program Management Plan (PMP) n/a
FAA-PM-003 Program Schedule n/a
FAA-PM-004 Project Management Status Report (PMSR) n/a
FAA-PM-007 Contract Work Breakdown Structure n/a
Quality Assurance (QA)
DI-QCIC-80125B Gov't Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) Alert/Safe-Alert Rpt 05-05-2003
DI-QCIC-80126B Gov't Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) Alert/Safe-Alert 05-05-2003
DI-QCIC-80127A Gov't Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) Annual Progress Rpt 05-05-2003
DI-QCIC-80203 Interface Analysis Record 08-04-1986
DI-QCIC-80204 Test Elements List 08-04-1986
DI-QCIC-80207 Verification Analysis Record 08-04-1986
DI-QCIC-80376A Incoming Inspection Summary Report 11-21-2006
DI-QCIC-80509 Installation-Engineering Plan 01-21-1988
DI-QCIC-80735 Government Furnished Equipment/Material 01-17-1989
DI-QCIC-80736 Quality Deficiency Report 01-17-1989
DI-QCIC-81110 Inspection and Test Plan 12-19-1990
DI-QCIC-81198 Product Assurance Quality Program Plan 05-03-1991
DI-QCIC-81199 Product Qual. Assurance Test Demo. and Eval. Plan 05-03-1991
DI-QCIC-81200 Quality Inspection Test, Demonstration, and Evaluation Report 05-03-1991
DI-QCIC-81379 Quality System Plan 01-07-1994
DI-QCIC-81794 Quality Assurance Program Plan 12-08-2009
DI-QCIC-81795 Software Quality Assurance Report 12-08-2009
DI-RELI-80322 Quality Conformance Inspection and Test Procedures 02-20-1987
DID-FAA-QA-001 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-002 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-002a Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-003 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-004 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-005 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-006 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-007 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-008 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-009 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-010 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
DID-FAA-QA-011 Quality System Plan (QSP) 01-01-2002
FAA-PM-QA-ISO9001,9003 Quality System Plan n/a
FAA-PM-QA-ISO9002 Quality Assurance Plan n/a
AJI-DID-O&SHA-001 Operating and Support Hazard Analysis n/a
AJI-DID-PHA-001 Preliminary Hazard Analysis n/a
AJI-DID-SHA-001 System Hazard Analysis n/a
AJI-DID-SSAR-001 System Safety Assessment Report n/a
AJI-DID-SSHA-001 Sub-System Hazard Analysis n/a
AJI-DID-SSPP-001 Systems Safety Program Plan n/a
Systems Engineering (SE)
DI-ENVR-81663 Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Report 05-11-2006
DI-ILSS-81335 Design Review Data Package 04-02-1993
DI-MISC-80343 Multiplex Interface Control Document 04-17-1987
DI-MISC-80748 Engineering Services Memorandum (ESM) 01-23-1989
DI-MISC-81283 Specification Requirement Verification Matrix 09-11-1991
DI-MISC-81762 Security Evaluation Document (SED) 02-02-2009
DI-SDMP-81261 Commercial Item Description (CID) 04-28-1992
DI-SDMP-81464A Detail Specification Documents 08-01-2003
DI-SDMP-81465A Performance Specification Documents 08-01-2003
DI-SDMP-81493A Program-Unique Specification Documents 08-01-2003
DI-SESS-81309A Internal Contractor Technical Data Report 10-30-2006
DI-SESS-81314A System/Segment Interface Control Specification 10-30-2006
DI-SESS-81785 Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) 10-14-2009
DI-TCPS-81120 Telecommunications System Engineering Plan 12-19-1990
FAA-PM-009 Engineering Change Request (ECR), Waiver, Deviation n/a
FAA-PM-013 Deviation and Waiver Requests n/a
FAA-SE-001 System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) n/a
FAA-SE-013 Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Data Package n/a
FAA-SE-014 Critical Design Review (CDR) Data Package n/a
FAA-SE-019 Engineering Release Record (ERR) 04-07-2015
FAA-SE-021 Interface Control Document (ICD) n/a
FAA-SE-024 Interface Requirements Document (IRD) n/a
FAA-SE-026 Technical Performance Measurement Report n/a
FAA-SE-027 Notice of Revision n/a
FAA-SE-028 Specification Change Notice n/a
Technical Manuals, Technical Data, and Reports
DI-IPSC-81443A Software User Manual (SUM) 01-11-2000
DI-IPSC-81444A Software Center Operator Manual (SCOM) 01-11-2000
DI-IPSC-81445A Software Input/Output Manual (SIOM) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81446A Computer Operation Manual (COM) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81447A Computer Programming Manual (CPM) 12-15-1999
DI-IPSC-81448B Firmware Support Manual (FSM) 03-20-2013
DI-IPSC-81633 Software Programmer's Guide (SPG) 08-13-2002
DI-MISC-80358 Document Changes 05-08-1987
DI-MISC-80508B Technical Report-Study/Services 11-14-2006
DI-MISC-80652 Technical Information Report 07-18-1988
DI-MISC-80711A Scientific and Technical Reports 01-21-2000
DI-QCIC-81009 Technical Data Package Quality Control Program Plan 09-11-1989
DI-QCIC-81013 Technical Data Package Validation Report 09-11-1989
DI-TMSS-80527C COTS Manuals and Associated Supplemental Data 08-12-2011
DI-TMSS-81810 Technical Manual Organization Plan (TMOP) 05-25-2010
DI-TMSS-81811 Technical Manual Cost Report 05-25-2010
DI-TMSS-81812 Technical Manual Schedule and Status Report 05-25-2010
DI-TMSS-81813A Technical Manual Book Plan 02-06-2014
DI-TMSS-81814A Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) Content Plan 02-06-2014
DI-TMSS-81815 Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Manuals 05-25-2010
DI-TMSS-81816 Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Manual Supplemental Data 05-25-2010
DI-TMSS-81817 Technical Manual Quality Assurance (TMQA) Program Plan 05-25-2010
DI-TMSS-81818 Technical Manual Validation Plan 05-25-2010
DI-TMSS-81819A Technical Manual Validation Certificate 11-08-2011
DI-TMSS-81820 Technical Manual Verification Discrepancy/Disposition Record 05-25-2010
DI-TMSS-81821 Technical Manual Verification Incorporation Certificate 05-25-2010
FAA-ILS-001 Technical Manual Publication Plan n/a
FAA-ILS-002 Validation Completion Report, Technical Manuals n/a
FAA-ILS-013 Technical Instruction Books n/a
DI-ATTS-80041A Test Requirements Document (TRD) 01-24-1997
DI-NDTI-80492A Integrated Circuit Production Test Report 11-14-2006
DI-NDTI-80566A Test Plan 11-14-2006
DI-NDTI-80603A Test Procedure 11-14-2006
DI-NDTI-81284 Test and Evaluation Program Plan (TEPP) 09-11-1992
DI-NDTI-81307A First Article Qualification Test Plan and Procedures 11-14-2006
DI-QCIC-80553A Acceptance Test Plan 11-14-2006
DI-SESS-81704 Test Plans/Test Procedures 11-22-2006
DI-TMSS-80007 Test Program Manual 05-28-1985
FAA-TE-001 Master Test Plan n/a
FAA-TE-002 System Problem Report n/a
FAA-TE-005 Test-Inspection Procedures n/a
FAA-TE-006 Test Report n/a
FAA-TE-007 Letter - Notification of Test n/a
FAA-TE-008 Test Configuration Review (TCR) Package n/a
FAA-TE-009 Failure Analysis Report n/a